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How to help

With the purchase of any hand made pieces, 10% of sales will be donated towards the implementation of education scholarships for kids living in extreme poverty in Guatemala.

Fair Trade

All products are negotiated through fair trade agreements. We believe change starts with fairness. The ancient Mayan techniques used to create every piece are simply art. We empower these artisans to sell their products internationally.


Kids Festival

Luv for kids holds monthly festivals for kids in isolated communities in the most remote parts of Guatemala. Through these festivals, we help heal their hearts and souls, inspire them to dream, empower them to stand up, and transform their lives and their family's life. 


Latest project

As part of our ongoing effort to help reach underpriviledged kids in Guatemala, we are now extending our project to the Atlantic community of Livingston, Izabal. A Garifuna community.



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